week 1 - 8

January 27, 2017

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

yappp i am back with new entry and after sooooo long hiatus. just want you guys to know that already week 8 on my studies. okay shusss with english talking because im still not used to it.

so macam korang tahu (lel why im thinking that all my reader already in universities) (lel why again i think that i have a reader) (ok whatever) kalau minggu 8 ni busy dia macam mana kan. ok tk busy pun ahahahaha since minggu 9 ni ktorng cuti so balik cuti which is already week 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!! yap. yap yap assignment, presentation, test, quiz and everything yap yap yap on that week. tp ada je subject yg dah submit assignment lol aku harap every sem gonna be like this sem but lol nah i know it will not. and yg aku rasa assignment yg paling susah setakat ni for this sem is ht... (lol not gonna give full name because u h u h no) sebab kena buat slide la, report la, video la in one! ok. markah dia 20% uhu quite high right yeah people dah ler test dia pun mcm haraaaaaaaaaaae.

actually time aku menaip ni dah start cuti dah pun and all of my housemate except Lia ( my soulmate ) dah balik. reason why aku dan lia masih terperuk kat sini. yeah papeje no need to know lol. takpe esok balik laaaaaaaaaaaah! i cant wait to meet everyone in KL because it is already been a month since i go back home..... ya and i miss everyone. and another reason that i wanna go back because everyone here (expect my faves) are bullshit and faker. i hate their dramas. i feel like im at high school again not university. lol what am i expect from people at ipta (double lol)

i used words lol/lel since i met lia more than after i played mystic messenger. lol (again?!)

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